Matthew. D
CEO & Media Director

I have been with the company ever since it has been started. The main reason why I wanted to start the company is to help
people in need. I also wanted to find out more about the paranormal world and its spirits Haunting the real world. to investigate what they wanted and why are they here.

Jonathon. D
Founder, Paranormal Investigator, Demonologist

In 2005 I founded The Ghost Paranormal Investigation Project i wanted to help people understand and deal with paranormal activity.
years later my team name was changed to The Warwick Rhode Island Ghost Investigators. I have over 10+ years of experience of helping people and dealing with the paranormal.

Chris. M
Co-Founder & Demonologist

Chris has been with the team for 7+ years Investigating and helping people deal with angry spirits.

Camera Tech

Jennifer is a software engineer with a paranormal background.

Paranormal Investigator

I have been around paranormal activity ever since I was a child. I have helped many families in the past in dealing with unexplained activity in their homes. 

Camera Crew Manager

Paranormal Investigator